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The Negative Effects of Exams

Exams have many negative effects on students. They cause a lack of sleep and can increase stress and anxiety. According to a survey, 50% of students experience increased anxiety prior to exams. In addition, students are required to take five or six exams a semester, making the stress of exams more difficult to manage. Furthermore, these exams can lead to increased student stress, which is why institutions should consider different ways to test students. Moreover, students should take note of their future plans before taking exams.

The pressure on exams is escalating, with students facing more than nine hours of exams this year. This added pressure can lead to drastic measures such as self-harm, eating disorders, or even suicide. ChildLine reports that, over the last three years, more than 11% of students have turned to counsel services for help with exam stress. They point to increased pressure from schools and parents, as well as from exam-related pressure. Consequently, it is vital for students to get the support they need.

The examination method and temperament are two factors that may affect student responses. The effects of stressful situations on memory formation depend on the type of test administered. For example, a stressful exam may interfere with the development of executive functions. The way in which exams are administered and the conditions students are exposed to may also have an effect on student responses. For this reason, assessing students’ performance and ensuring that they learn properly can be crucial. This is because tests can lead to adverse effects on both teachers and students.

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