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Open culture is a way to share the world’s knowledge and creativity without restriction. Human beings have been sharing cultural works since ancient times, but access to these works is often restricted by copyright law or physical barriers. The open culture movement, also known as the free culture movement, aims to increase access to cultural works of all types, regardless of their origin. This includes music, art, books, and poetry. By sharing these works of art, the entire world can benefit.

Open Culture boasts a huge library of resources that make it a valuable resource for educators. It features a variety of educational courses ranging from design to history. It also contains a wealth of links to additional resources. From art to history to calligraphy, this site covers nearly every possible area of knowledge.

Open Culture aims to foster an environment where knowledge is freely shared and collaboration is encouraged across disciplines. It encourages people to share ideas without worrying about intellectual property rights, so projects can be freely modified, redistributed, or even turned into T-shirts. The aim is to ensure that the world benefits from the knowledge shared by all.

Open Culture provides free educational media on a variety of topics. You can access free courses, educational videos, and audio books. The site also offers a free newsletter and social media links.

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