Liposuction surgery in various parts

Now, no matter where you look, you only see “skinny women”. Why? One of the goals for almost every woman’s New Year’s Eve is to stay fit and beautiful. But for some women who try to lose weight all year. Exercise and diet control But the fat was not reduced. We have a way to get rid of fat in the blink of an eye. That is surgery by liposuction itself.

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Liposuction is the removal of fat in the area where there is a lot of fat accumulation. without causing damage to blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic vessels Resulting in a slimmer shape, for example, if there are 2000 fat cells in the body, up to 1,000 cells can be sucked out.

Liposuction surgery in various parts Your body makes you feel like you’ve been reborn as a different person.

Some may say “Exercise Why liposuction?” “Liposuction surgery is only suitable for very obese people.” If you want to get rid of specific fat The method of liposuction is right for you. because different parts The body have imbalanced proportions such as big thighs, thick waist with fat, or thin but big belly. The way to correct this shape is liposuction.

Don’t think that liposuction surgery will make you lose weight overnight. Even if you want to get rid of all the fat in the desired area, a single surgery cannot absorb all of those fats. In one liposuction, 5 liters of fat can be absorbed, which only reduces the weight of 2-3 kg. Normally, body weight will go up and down by 1 kg with one meal. Therefore, one cannot expect a significant reduction in weight, but liposuction will help to get rid of excess fat in different parts of the body. You will immediately notice that the shape has become smaller.


The abdomen is the organ that accumulates the most fat. Abdominal liposuction is therefore the most effective result. Basic abdominal liposuction can reduce waist circumference by 3-4 inches, but be careful because if liposuction is only in the waist and lower abdomen, it will make the body look better. unbalanced Abdominal liposuction surgery involves liposuction of the waist and lower abdomen. including the upper abdomen, waist and sides


Fat on the back tends to accumulate in the middle of the back. or around the armpit A beautiful figure must have a sheet from the back of the neck to the slender buttocks as an S-line. Liposuction will help get rid of bulging fat around the back and armpits.


Beautiful buttocks must not sag and lift up and bounce. Buttock liposuction is one of the surgeries that gives very satisfactory results. Helps to lift and tighten the buttocks for a beautiful curve It also makes the legs look slender and longer. This is equal to killing two birds with one stone.


Koreans have more fat on their thighs than any other part of their body. Thigh liposuction surgery often has to be repeated several times. Although liposuction is a very effective method of tightening the lower body. But the fat around the thighs must be removed in balance in order to get satisfactory results after liposuction and must be worn for 3 months to help slim thighs worldkingnews.

arm shoulder

Arm fat is not something that is easily dissolved. Even with exercise or diet, the removal of fat in specific areas with liposuction surgery is the most effective method. Because the skin on the arms is thin. Blood vessels and nerves are therefore very close to the surface. When liposuction has to be especially careful. The focus is on maintaining a natural arm muscle alignment and balanced thickness. After the surgery, there will be swelling, when the swelling is gone, the arms will immediately become smaller. Wearing a tight fitting garment after the surgery for 2-3 months will help your arms look naturally slender.

What are the methods of liposuction?

Triple Impact Liposuction

Used in conjunction with the Erchonia laser, fat analysis to enhance the removal of excess fat effectively and safely. It is the safest liposuction surgery. It is also effective in 3 methods of liposuction. Liposuction can be performed well even in areas where the skin is prone to waves from basic vibrating liposuction. or areas with more fibrous tissue than fat It is also used for liposuction of parts of the body that are difficult to reduce even after exercise or diet, such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, etc.

Water Jet Liposuction Machine

Waterjet liposuction uses natural water. which is safer and less invigorating compared to other tools Because it uses small molecules of water, it doesn’t damage the nerves of the blood vessels. You can choose to separate fat and absorb only the desired fat. The waterjet’s liposuction tube is small. resulting in small scars and few surgical scars There is also not much swelling and recurrence of the green color

power liposuction machine

Power liposuction is used to effectively absorb fat. In addition, basic liposuction can also suck small fat. All that is difficult to manage with the efficiency of liposuction with the high-powered water pressure of the waterjet liposuction. Then use vibration to suck fat from this machine. Will be able to absorb a large amount of fat in a short time

Erchonia laser liposuction machine

It is an Erchonia laser that dissolves fat cells and then uses a small tube to safely remove fat. The most important thing in liposuction is to absorb large amounts of fat to make the body look slim, toned and beautiful. Erchonia laser is used to melt the fat attached to the skin. then flower Don’t worry about wavy skin. Helps in liposuction while the body is still slender and firm, the skin is not sagging.

Liposuction is a dangerous type of surgery. Liposuction surgery must be in the hands of highly skilled and skilled doctors

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