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How to Write a Good Essay Introduction

Knowing how to write a good essay introduction is vital to your success as an academic writer. This part of your essay should evoke interest and capture the reader’s attention. An introduction with a thesis statement is an excellent way to captivate the reader’s attention. An engaging essay introduction will keep them reading your entire essay, which is a sign that you’re on the right track. The next step in the writing process is to write the body of your essay, which includes the conclusion.

An interesting way to capture the reader’s attention is to start with a topic announcement. Avoid generic announcements, as this will take away from the overall purpose of your essay. Instead, state why your topic is important. Once the reader understands this, they’ll be much more apt to read the rest of your essay. For example, “Drinking and driving have become a national issue” is an excellent way to hook the reader’s attention.

When writing an essay introduction, keep in mind that the introduction should be around 10 percent of your overall word count. It should present your arguments and position clearly. It should also be organic and include additional details. While scales and images aren’t usually included in essays, they can add to the argument. When creating a thesis statement, be sure to use appropriate examples that support your argument. You can also include some relevant statistics and charts in order to make your topic more interesting.

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