How to Ensure Internet Security with Cybercrimes at Hike

Well, as we all know cybercrimes have been on hike especially after the covid 19 pandemic and rise of cryptocurrency. Well during, and post pandemic everything has changed majorly and everything has become digital. People have invested in cryptocurrency, online shopping and eStores have seen a rise and many services require you to pay bills online.

While things have become super convenient, with this kind of convenience come security threats. Cybercriminals these days are very efficient and it easy for anyone to hack your accounts and devices if you don’t take enough care. Well, with online transactions, wallets, and a lot of your data on the internet, you are always at risk, but there are precautions you can take in order to make your identity and data secure on the web.

Well, if you want to learn about ways to secure yourself on the web, read along.

Switch to a Secure Internet Service

First things first, you need to have an internet service that is secure enough and provides you a high quality antivirus. There are several kinds of viruses that your devices can fall victim to, and the best way to avoid these is to be caution, have a safe search option, and have an antivirus in your device. An internet service provider that provides a high quality internet security and an Xfinity Advanced Security dashboard that makes your entire network secure is Xfinity Internet.

Xfinity’s xFi gateway is an advanced router and modem, and apart from its multiple features the xFi gateway provides personalized security, advanced security dashboard, and the system adapts to your network. It also notifies you and keeps alerting you of any possible threats. Besides, the xFi gateway also prioritizes your privacy as well as security so it makes sure your network has an extra layer of security by keeping your WiFi hidden from guests and outsiders. So, switch to a safer internet service to make yourself and your entire network secure on the web.

Be Wary Of Scam Calls

Antivirus is the first layer of internet security, and as we discussed, cybercriminals are efficient than ever, and it is best to be cautious at all times. By this we mean, you should not only rely on a reliable and safe connection but also be wary of the potential threats. These days criminals who want to steal your information place scam calls posing as someone from (let’s suppose) your bank. These people take you into confidence by telling you information about yourself, and they ask you for your details.

This brings us to another factor, which is to keep your social media private. So, when you post Instagram photos of you in a café or a casual photo of you near your coffee table, you might let the bankcards show in the picture or some other kind of identification detail. This results in your bank details as well as your identity being at risk of being stolen. It is important to keep all such information out of the sight of a camera.

Keep Changing Passwords

Another thing that ensures security on the web is frequently changing passwords. When you keep changing your pins and passcodes, even if at some point your credentials might have been stolen, you will have your passwords changed. This saves you from cybercrimes such as phishing attacks, hacks, data theft and identity theft. So, it is best to have not only secure passwords but also keep changing your passwords.

Keep Different IDs and Passwords for Different Accounts

Similar to frequently changing passwords, you should also keep different ids and passwords for your different accounts. So, even if one of your accounts get hacked due to a stolen password, you will have the rest of the accounts safer. This keeps each one of your accounts isolated from the rest. This way, even if damage happens or if there is potential damage, your other accounts will be not be hacked because there will be entirely different ids and passwords.

Don’t Link Your Accounts

The tip mentioned above brings us to another point, which is not to link your accounts. Well, when we create accounts and sign up to a new social media or app, we often get an option to save ourselves the manual way of signing up and simply linking the account with your Gmail, Apple account, or even Facebook. This quick method of signing up makes us want to quit the mundane task and simply automating our account making process.

While automation makes things easy and super convenient for users, it puts them at risk of cyberattacks. The risk increases because of the point mentioned above which is that getting into another account from one hacked account is super convenient and easy. So, if you have all you network of accounts linked, you might be at high risk if each one of your apps, browser windows, as well as WiFi networks aren’t entirely secure.

Identify and Avoid Suspicious Emails

Well, phishing attacks are quite common and these might look like a fancy email or an email that looks like it is from your workplace. There are many ways to identify a phishing email, which is to check the email address and sender name properly. Another way is to never open websites without double-checking. If the email looks very appealing it means it is highly likely to be a phishing attack.

Final Words

We cannot stress enough on how important it is to have advanced and high-level internet security and privacy these days because of several reasons. If you also stay worried about how to secure yourself on the web, there are a few things you will have to ensure that will eventually make you more secure online. The tips mentioned above are some of the ways in which you can secure yourself on the web. So, follow these and try to be vigilant and careful because you never know who might be trying to get hold of your information.

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