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Golf Pride CPX – Comfort Performance Extreme Grip

The Golf Pride CPX has a comfortable performance and extreme grip, designed to absorb the vibrations caused by impact. It is made of soft rubber and features EXO diamond-quilted patterns, which are raised diamond-shaped pieces molded into the grip. The raised pieces create scores on the grip, making it easier to hold and use a gloved hand. The raised diamond-shaped pieces also provide a higher level of comfort by providing more places for the hand to make contact with the grip.

While the golfing community isn’t particularly tech-savvy, the company’s marketing is changing to focus on its benefits rather than the tech. Instead of warm and fuzzy language, Golf Pride now uses words like “humanize” and “humble.”

For nearly seven decades, Golf Pride has led the industry in grip innovation. In 1953, they introduced the first slip-on grip, which changed the economics of golf club manufacturing and made grip replacement a common service at golf shops. With their extensive material development and rubber compounding expertise, Golf Pride continues to develop cutting-edge products. They also provide state-of-the-art grips to top-notch players around the world. With these innovations, Golf Pride has become the go-to brand for golfers duysnews .

In 1969, Golf Pride relocated to Laurinburg, North Carolina, and has been there ever since. The revolutionary Align technology is a technological upgrade to the gripping idea. The Tour Velvet Align is now the most popular grip on tour. And it’s not just a grip – it’s the hottest new product in the industry. So what’s so special about the Tour Velvet Align? Let’s take a closer look.

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