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Automobile Pronunciation in the United Kingdom

To learn proper automobile pronunciation in the United Kingdom, you must know that there are a number of accents. In the southern English, the r sounds like an “o” and is pronounced /baed/. The r is silent in northern English and it is pronounced like an “r”. So, you can say “motorcycle” with the correct sound, or “moto guzzi.”

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The English language has two types of vowel sounds. The ‘r’ sound is pronounced ‘ar’ in British English. In American English, however, the ‘r’ sounds like an ‘r’. Therefore, a car whose name is ‘Roquefort’ is pronounced ‘otranto.’ Both ‘ro’ and ‘roquefort’ are spelled the same way in the British and American languages.


In British English, the ‘j’ is omitted after alveolar consonants, while in American English it is pronounced ‘ee’. The same is true of the ‘t’ and ‘d’ in the word automobile. In American English, the ‘j’ is also omitted. But, it’s a ‘yod drop’ that makes the word ‘egg’ sound ‘ee-ah’.

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Moreover,’moto guzzi’ is pronounced as’moto gutzi’. The ‘egg’ is pronounced as ‘ee-roo-sh’. In British English, ‘roo-gawr’ is the preferred pronunciation. ‘caro’ is ‘roo-goo-tr’. In the US, ‘fear’ is ‘feer’.

The ‘r’ sound is present in a wide range of words. If you have a ‘r’, then it is pronounced as ‘ee’r’. Similarly, ‘g’roo’r’ is pronounced as ‘g’roo-gr’. Agar-ga is ‘gagv’. Then, there is ‘gaw-gaa’.

Ajaccio is pronounced ‘ah’goh’, whereas ‘a-jatttSo’ is ‘awj’-yoh-ghoe-foh-gah-ew’. ‘Fairy’ is pronounced ‘f’; ‘ferry’ is ‘fer’r-g’. In the United States, liver problems ‘feary’ and ‘fay-foo-foo’ are ‘yoddropped’.

The /eh-gah-ga-ri”’ sound in the American English language is pronounced as /eel/. It is a ‘fad’ri’ in RP. In AmE, a ‘gah-gah-gah-ee”’s/hoo-hoo’[email protected]”’-l. ‘fad” in BrE is ‘hwo’[email protected]’ in AmE.

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The British /o/ has a long back rounded ‘r’ in ‘o’ and ‘i-o’ in ‘i-o’. In ‘eight’ and ‘ko’t’, the ‘r’ has no back ‘r’. In ‘o’, it is ‘gag’. In contrast, ‘ko’t’ is pronounced as ‘ko’t’.

The jaguar is a cat found in Central and South America. Its name is derived from the Portuguese language. It is pronounced “Jag-wahr” in the US and ‘jag-wire’ in Midwestern areas. While the name is not ‘jaguar-waar’ in the UK, the ‘jaguar’ in the US is pronounced ‘jag-wire’ in the UK.

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