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Automobile Meaning in Different Languages

If you are wondering about the meaning of the word automobile, here are the details you need to know. The term originates in French, and can be translated as self-moving automobile. In addition, the term can refer to a small passenger vehicle, an electric car, or cyclecars. It is not, however, a legal definition of an automobile. If you have ever seen one of these vehicles, you probably know that the word comes from the French word “automobile.

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The English word for automobile is mwttr khr, but the original meaning is motor car. The pronunciation is mwttr khar. The word automobile in Urdu is mwttr khur. The term can also be spelled mwttr khry, which is the same as mwttr grry. Listed below are the variations of the word and their definitions.


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Automobile is a self-propelled vehicle, generally propelled by an internal combustion engine, steam engine, or electric motor. The power of the driving motor varies from four to 50 horsepower for ordinary cars to more than 200 horsepower for specially built racing cars. These words are closely related in meaning and spelling. It is important to understand the origins of the word before you use it in your language. The word is a synonym of many other words.

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The term automobile is used to refer to a self-propelled vehicle. These vehicles are suitable for public use on the road. The word automobile is also used in English, Urdu, and Persian. Its synonyms include: auto, Bus, Convertible, Hatchback, Junker, Limousine, Sedan, Taxi, and Wheels. This article explains the meaning of the word in different languages. So, get acquainted with these words today!

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An automobile is a self-propelled vehicle. It can be a car, motorcycle, or a train. An automobile is a self-propelled machine that moves from place to place by means of internal combustion or steam engines. It is a type of vehicle that can be propelled by any form of power. It can also be a boat, a ship, or a plane. Various types of cars use the term automobile. is a social network for food lovers. Find new recipes, follow friends, and discover amazing food. is a website dedicated to helping musicians sell their music. You can upload your songs here and start earning money right away!

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An automobile is a self-propelled vehicle that is designed to travel long distances. The word automobile has a variety of meanings. It can be an automobile with three wheels or with four, for example. Regardless of its name, it is a self-moving machine that moves people from one place to another. It is the most common vehicle used for traveling. So, you can find an auto on the Internet or in an old-fashioned bookstore.

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An automobile is a self-propelled vehicle with four wheels. It is a passenger vehicle with two to six passengers. In comparison, a truck is a truck that is used for hauling goods. The name of an automobile is derived from the French word, autos. The word “automobile” means a wheeled vehicle with four wheels. Originally, an automobile was an animal-drawn carriage. Then, the modern version of the car came into existence and was called an automobile.

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